Belinda Hills


Belinda Hills

As a practising Naturopath on the North west Coast of Tasmania, I see a wide variety of clients of all ages and health issues. My special interest is in gastrointestinal health and women’s health because this is where I have the most experience, however I do treat a range of health issues that arise.


I graduated from Southern Cross University in NSW with a Bachelor of Naturopathy in 2002. This degree gave me the experience in Clinical diagnosis, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Massage.


I practice in a way that digs deep into investigation of my clients underlying issues, or getting to the root of the problem. For example if your diet is deficient in an essential nutrient, it is important to fix this before offering supplements and herbs that will simply band aid the problem rather than fix the root cause.


Things that fix the root causes may include nutrition advice/changes, lifestyle recommendations, and supplementation where applicable. Further testing is generally recommended through discussion with your General Practitioner, or other Naturopathic or the Gastrointestinal testing as appropriate.


I  always try to work with the clients current GP, and or other medical professionals and refer to Medical professionals and or other allied health professionals as necessary. I like to think of this as ‘Extra Care’ on top of the standard medical care, to give clients the best of what both worlds have to offer. I believe this is the future of health care.


An initial naturopathic consultation at Hills Natural Medicine Clinic usually involves an hour of your time. We will discuss your presenting health complaint, ask many questions around this, listen to your medical history, family health history and diet. Where necessary we will do any physical examinations that are appropriate. We will then have a conversation around your health options, referral, further testing and any prescriptions that need to be made.


You will have time to ask questions and discuss your preferred options in regard to your Naturopathic care plan.


Currently there are no Private Health Rebates for Naturopathy since the Australian Government removed subsidies for Private Health Rebates in 2019. This is a disappointing move, affecting all Naturopaths in Australia and the many people seeking proactive and preventive health care measures which I firmly believe will save the Government money in the long term. We will continue to support our patients in achieving cost effect health care, even without the rebate.


If our method of achieving best health care makes sense to you, please contact us or use the book now button to book an appointment.

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